Machines - Screw metering powder packaging machine 160C

Screw metering powder packaging machine 160C

Project Description

It is suitable for powdery material such as milk powder, soy flour, solid beverage, cocoa powder,  white sugar powder and other powder packaging, suitable for 200ml of product packaging.

Technical Features:

  • Horizontal screw measurement, adjust the weight without any tools, stable performance,  easy to operate.
  • Particularly suitable for good flow of powder, vertical screw cannot replace the  configuration.
  • Advanced photoelectric control principle, Intelligent photoelectric color positioning control system.
  • Bag filling, metering, sealing, printing date, product output one-time completion.

Technical Specifications

Measurement range15-200 g
Bag-making size40-200(L)×40-150(W)mm
Packing speed10-60 bags/min
Maximum width of roll320mm
Power supply specification220V/50Hz /2Kw
Dimensions 1100(L)×755(W)×1540(H)mm
Machine weight300Kg