Machines - Volume vertical packing machine 420BZ

Volume vertical packing machine 420BZ

Project Description

Suitable for all kinds of puffed food, candy, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, corn kernels, popcorn and other granular solid material packaging, flake and milk powder, washing powder, starch and other powdery objects of automated packaging.

Technical Features:

  • Cup measuring device, new design, beautiful appearance, the structure is more reasonable, more advanced technology.
  • Optional English or Chinese screen display, easy and simple operation.
  • PLC computer control system, color touch screen, easy to operate, intuitive and efficient.
  • the machine adopt servo film transport system, imported color sensor, accurate positioning and the  machine performance is remarkable.
  • A variety of automatic alarm protection to minimize losses.
  • High-sensitivity photoelectric color tracing and digital input of cutting position get more accuracy.
  • Bag-making, metering, filling, sealing, cutting, date printing,  the output of all can be achieved automatically

Technical Specifications

Measurement range150 – 1500 g
Bag-making size100-300mm (L)×100-200mm(W)
Packing speed10 – 60 bags / min
Maximum Film roll diameter400mm
Maximum width of roll420mm
Film thickness0.04 – 0.08mm
Dimensions 1217(L)×1015(W)×1343(H)
Machine weight650Kg
Power supply specification220V/50Hz